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Your Key accident support and legal cover

Welcome to Your Key

Thank you for joining, either directly through our site or with one of our business partners. You have joined Your Key, a service designed to provide accident support for its members.

Through our experience and independent advice we aim to see you through a difficult time after an accident.

We also aim to protect your pocket by explaining why you do not need to buy over-priced legal cover each time you insure one of your vehicles.

We will help with the services you need after an accident like vehicle recovery, hire and repair. If you need to seek compensation for injury and loss we will ensure there is no cost to you by arranging the legal cover you need.

Your Key is a free service to its members. We do not hold any financial details.

Your Key membership includes members of your family. We used to have restrictions on which family members we could cover, but our current arrangements mean there is no restriction.

There is no limit on the type of accident or injury case we can support. Most legal cover you buy when insuring a vehicle is limited to the use of that vehicle. We can arrange legal cover for members and their families for most accidents and injuries which occur within the United Kingdom.

There is no annual renewal. We make no charge so there is no point in renewal. Once you are a member you remain a member of Your Key.

Please note that Your Key has changed the insurance arrangement used to support its member’s compensation cases after accident or injury. The new arrangements do the same job, but in a different way. The current arrangements are explained by clicking here.