Your Key sent me an email-why?


your key accident support and compensationMany of our members were introduced through an offer made by a comparison website. For example, you may have taken an insurance quote at The Bike Insurer offered free legal expenses insurance in return for you taking a quote; yes, just a quote. We then provided that free insurance as part of the Your Key package.

Web pages are so busy it is easy to miss some of the information displayed.

So that we stand out from the rubbish you often receive after online insurance quotes we sent three emails. We are anxious to back up the offer you were made, so three emails are necessary to get us noticed. If you read the first one, thank you, and sorry you will receive two more.

It is important to remember you only have to join Your Key once. We will automatically renew your membership each year without you having to do anything, and without cost.

This all means there is no need for you to buy legal cover when you insure any vehicle.


Please note that any comments below dated before 2012 are out of date so far as Your Key legal cover is concerned. For full details please click here.