Windscreen broken by council workman strimming


Ian says “I am trying to recover the cost of a replacement windscreen broken by a council worker but am having a great amount of difficulty, this has been going on since June”

It turns out the windscreen was broken a stone thrown up from a strimmer.

Insurance Guardian replied:

First please check your own vehicle insurance as many policies deal with replacement windscreens without question or cost. I think you will have to use the replacement service appointed by your insurer, so I guess that opportunity has gone.


Lets assume the council workman was careless and broke your windscreen. In terms of claims this is low value, and that means the Council will give it low priority. They know that for claims with a value below £5,000 your legal costs cannot be recovered, hence a solicitor or claims management agency will not support you, or you would not want to instruct them as you would have to pay out more in fees than you may recover.

So how do you make your claim a priority? The answer is to commence a “small claim” in your local County Court. It requires a small fee, some administration, and a level of perseverance. There is lots of information on the web and the Court staff are very helpful. Most people give up at the thought of bringing a Court action themselves, but the advantage is that it puts time limits on what the Council must do, and rather than deal with the paperwork I suspect the Council will pull out their finger and pay up.

Useful small claims advice at It is on a different point but the information is relevant. Set out your claim in writing, as a letter is always taken more seriously than a phone call or email, keep a copy of your letter, and give them 21 days to sort it out. If you get no action start a small claim action in the County Court.