Vehicles can be replaced…people can’t

roadpeace_road safety charity

Vehicles can be replaced…..people can’t

A clear message from road safety and victim support charity, Roadpeace.

Why RoadPeace? Let Roadpeace tell you in its own words:


  • A road death is not a normal death – it is sudden, violent, unexpected, and premature
  • Every day, 5 people die on the roads in the UK and 3900 die worldwide
  • 1 in 75 of us is bereaved through a road crash

Losing a loved one in a crash is devastating. Lives are shattered, and some never recover from the trauma. Family breakdown, job loss, depression and even suicide are the unfortunate consequences of losing a loved one in this way.”

Roadpeace puts forward its clear campaign called Road Danger Reduction, and describes it like this:

Road danger reduction

RoadPeace was founded on the principle of road danger reduction (RDR) in February 1992. Twenty years on, supporting active travel policies and sustainable transport programmes is much more widespread. 

Key to road danger reduction is the reduction of the speedvolume and dominance of motor vehicles.

Why RDR?

  • Road safety has traditionally been reactive, and not preventative, focusing on death and serious injury resulting from collisions, rather than focusing on the prevention of collisions, and the wider benefits of safer streets.
  • The popular ‘share the road’ approach often ignores the imbalance of power and risk between motor vehicle users and more active (and vulnerable) road users.
  • Intimidation by and fear of motor vehicles, especially speeding drivers, prevents people from walking and cycling more and destroys community cohesion.
  • Safer streets not only result in fewer deaths and injuries, but also contribute to increased walking and cycling, which is good for the environment, for personal and public health.

You can become a member, fund raise, or visit a local group.

There is support out there for those involved in accidents and for family members in search of information and support.