Travel insurance – annual or single trip?


My wife and I are looking at annual travel insurance. Is it better to take a joint one or separate, and if joint can we still travel indivdually with this. Also my wife is over 70 and I am 64 will this become a bigger cost because of age.

Insurance Guardian replied:

You have to weigh up the travel you intend, that is the places you will go, the activities, and how often. For instance buying for a year is often better than two or three short term policies.

 Do ensure you have your European Health Insurance Card – details at

You are now of an age which takes you outside the “standard” type of travel insurance which is offered on the internet. As soon as age or medical history takes you out of the mainstream then you need to look carefully.

My first suggestion is that you look at your bank accounts and credit cards as many offer travel insurance on a family basis. You have to check the policy as there will be a list of those included, and excluded.

If you do need to seek travel insurance I would go to an old fashioned broker with experience in travel insurance. Insurance brokers can play a very useful role, as they can identify your needs and then put their knowledge of the market to good effect. I suggest you contact the Bluefin Group using their contact page at

I will be interested to know how you get on with Bluefin as they were very helpful last time I used them.