Travel insurance – a must to avoid huge medical bill


Motorcycle accident in Bali and no medical insurance

An appeal has been launched by the family of a motorcyclist seriously injured in an accident in Bali.

Matthew Taylor, a 30 year old teacher, had been teaching in Bali for about 18 months when he was involved in a motorcycle accident. The injuries required intensive care but he had no medical insurance. At the time of writing his medical bill exceeds £250,000 and his family have had to raise the money, and take out loans. By 8 October 2011 £44,000 had been raised from events and donations.

Thankfully Matthew is now back in the UK.

An appeal has been launched to help and you can see the details at

This very sad accident and injury show you how careful you must be when travelling or living outside the realm of our National Health Service.

Do not buy the first policy you are offered, or the cheapest as travel insurance policies are not all the same.