Top Tips when Seeking Insurance


Your insurance contract is unique – based on the information you provide to the insurance company. Get the information wrong and you will not have cover, as the insurance company can refuse to pay, and quite legitimately refuse to pay.

We provide our top tips on areas where it is easy to be careless when seeking an insurance quot

  • Convictions, usually over the last five years – by all means try a quote without the conviction to see how much your record costs, but put in the conviction when insuring, otherwise you will not be insured
  • Realistic market value of car. By including a higher figure you will be charged a higher premium. You cannot fix the sum you will receive if your car or motorcycle is written off, as you will only get its market value at the time of damage.
  • Estimate mileage, and to be safe over estimate. Your vehicle records, and particularly your MOT certificate, show mileage. The more miles you do the greater the risk of a problem. Underestimate and you will find your insurance company will not pay.
  • Who can drive or ride the vehicle? Include everyone who is likely to drive as someone not listed will not be covered. You might think others can use your vehicle under their own policy. Read that policy first as there is no general rule.
  • Correct vehicle use is important. The letters SD&P mean social domestic and pleasure. If you are going to use the vehicle for work and/or commuting then include it. Your premium will increase, but you will be insured.

If you get any of these points wrong an insurance policy will be issued, but when you claim the insurer will check all the details were correct. Get them wrong and the insurance company can walk away.

One risk of online insurance quotes is that you fill in all the boxes, but there is some other information the insurer should have. Make sure all information is provided because one day you may need to claim.

The law is clear. You must provide all information correctly and honestly. If you do not pass this test your insurer can avoid the policy.