The Your Key bargain

The Your Key bargain with its members

Our promise to you.

Our aim is simple – to provide accident support services and arrange legal cover so you don’t have to buy it. We make no charge, and there is no need to renew as once a member always a member – Your Key is completely free of charge.

For our part, we promise to be on your side. That means that we are independent, and consumer-focused. We will try our level best to avoid (or at least explain) jargon.

Your Key is here for its members. Your insurance company is on its own side, and is not your independent adviser.

Your part of the bargain – contact us first after an accident!

Be our guest and make a saving on each vehicle you insure each year. In return make us your first call if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident. If we can help you we will. That way, we get a commission from the provider of the service you need which allows us to operate and keep the service free of charge for all Your Key members.

These commissions are usually paid to insurance companies and brokers who of course charged you for legal cover in the first place.

So that is the bargain and now some answers so you know why it makes sense.

What is legal cover?

It is sold towards the end of the insurance sale, when your resistance is low. You are told you really must have it. What they don’t tell you is that legal cover is actually legal expenses insurance, and it is insurance for the legal costs of bringing a compensation action after an accident when someone else is to blame.

When will I need legal cover?

If you cause an accident then your own motor insurance is there to cover the cost. Your own insurance covers your liability to others – they are called third parties, hence the term third party insurance. Legal cover allows you to pursue compensation when someone else is to blame.

Is legal cover expensive?

Yes it is too expensive at £25 or more per vehicle. It usually only applies to one vehicle so you have to buy it with each vehicle you insure. Insurance companies and brokers are keen to sell legal cover as most of the premium is profit. They have to fight hard with discounts for your business on the comparison sites so they are keen to sell you extras once you have picked their quote.

Does legal cover insure my policy excess and uninsured losses?

No. Legal expenses insurance does not insure your policy excess or uninsured losses. It insures the legal costs of fighting for compensation for injury and expense, including policy excess and uninsured losses, but it does not insure any of these expenses.

Is vehicle recovery, hire and repair part of legal cover?

No. Quite separate from the legal cover we can arrange for hire vehicles and repair but who pays depends on who is at fault. So the cost can be passed direct to the insurer of the person at fault. We clearly state you will always have to pay for recovery, and of course you can claim it back if someone else is to blame.

What is not covered by legal cover?

The legal cover we will arrange allows you to pursue compensation if you have a good case and are likely to recover costs from the party to blame. We do not know of a policy which goes further. There are other policies out there to cover the defence cost of a criminal prosecution, or you can insure your leathers, and you can insure your policy excess, but these policies are quite different and not part of legal cover.

Please see Your Key explained for further explanation of the insurance we will arrange for you.