The AA dropped my motorcycle


Beaven’s story started when his own motorcycle broke down. He called the AA. The bike could not be fixed at the roadside so a contractor with a flat bed lorry arrived. On the way to a garage the bike fell over and was damaged. It had not been secured properly on the lorry.

Beaven needed a replacement motorcycle to get to work while the repairs were completed.

So tell me what should happen?

If I was the AA I would try my best to sort this out quickly. But no, they had to process it in civil service style.

Beaven had to travel quite a distance to work so borrowed a friend’s lower powered bike. He had to change his route and getting to work took ages. The AA said it was their contractors fault and they were waiting to hear from them. The AA suggested he hire a motorcycle. A couple of weeks on Beaven remembered his Your Key membership.

Through our partners we arranged a replacement bike, a similar model, while the repairs were completed. The bill for this credit hire went direct to the contractors. Beaven got to work in a sensible time and his bike was repaired, and he was not out of pocket.

We were able to help as there was fault, and our credit hire people took on the case knowing they would be paid by the contractor’s insurance company.

We use a professional credit hire company which operates within industry agreements. That means you can be confident there will be no squabble over the cost.

The AA should have sorted this in a couple of phone calls. They were dealing with their own customer after all. We are glad to say we sorted it out, and at no cost to our Your Key member.

Independent advice and accident support is what you get with Your Key.