… So what does all this legal-ish sounding stuff mean?

Legal expenses insurance

An insurance policy which covers your risk to pay legal costs in a compensation case. If the case has a reasonable chance of success a specialist solicitor can confidently pursue compensation case for you. Peace of mind to recover your expenses, lost earnings, gather expert evidence, and receive compensation for your injury. This insurance can be arranged without cost for Your Key members.

Before the event insurance

A type of legal expenses insurance which you buy in case you need it. It is often shortened to BTE, which contrasts with ATE, which is after the event insurance.

After the event insurance

ATE is the option Your Key has switched to. It is arranged when a compensation case becomes necessary. The premium is recovered as part of the legal costs when the case succeeds.

So BTE and ATE do the same job, but in a slightly different way. For a more detailed comparison please click here.

Third Party

The other person, persons, or organisation involved in the accident.

Vehicle insurance

You may have comprehensive or third party insurance.

Please be aware the law demands you are insured to cover your liability to others (third party), and not cover for your property.

Third party insurance covers payments due to others if you are found to be at fault. It will not cover your own vehicle, except for fire and theft, if you have that extra cover. You have to seek compensation to recover your losses and injury.Comprehensive insurance will cover the repair cost or current market value of your vehicle if written off, and possibly protective gear and possessions. Policies do vary. It will not cover loss of earnings and many of the expenses you incur, such as replacement hire and earnings loss. Claiming from your own insurance will mean you pay your insurance excess and can reduce your no claims bonus and insurance rating. You have to seek compensation from the third party to recover those losses. Many expect their own insurer to chase the insurer of the party at fault, but many insurers do not. Your insurer might recover their own outlay, but they are unlikely to be interested in yours.

Comprehensive in insurance terms does not necessarily mean absolutely everything. You only get the cover you paid for in the first place. Your Key members contact us frustrated that the cover offered by their own insurance is so narrow. That is why the added protection of Your Key membership is so necessary.

Contributory negligence or partial fault

Our law says you must take reasonable care for the safety of others, and they must take the same care for you. You might be partially to blame, but you can still seek compensation. Here you need an expert solicitor backed by protection against legal costs.

Breakdown or repair service

This may be something you already have. It is cover for a mechanical breakdown and covers a different set of circumstances than Your Key. Breakdown organisations deal with mechanical breakdowns, not accidents. We are different as we help after an accident, and they help if your vehicle breaks down. We are not offering a breakdown service yet, but tell us if it would be welcome.