Support and care after road death and injury

SCARD support and care after road death and injury

Support and care after road death and injury

An accident not only affects those directly involved, it affects those close to those involved, and particularly family members. Support and care are available from a very worthwhile charity, SCARD.

SCARD is a charity which aims to:

  • To help relieve distress among people who have been bereaved, injured or affected by road death or injury
  • To provide emotional and practical support through a telephone help-line, support groups, meetings and personal support system
  • Help, assist and (If requested) accompany affected families, individuals and friends to Crown, Magistrates or Coroners Court
  • To send out independent and informative information with regard to the judicial system.
  • To provide access to free initial legal help and advice.
  • To assist in helping bereaved, injured or traumatised people, including witnesses to collisions, to access free counselling within or outside of the organisation.
  • To raise awareness of road danger, by information and education.

You can get involved as a member, attend a meeting or training course, and gather information. The booklet on Inquests & Coroner’s Courts is a great help as so much mystery surrounds these hearings. SCARD is a charity and relies on our support. You can involve yourself in fund raising by clicking here.