Segway – what are they?

Segway what is it?

The driver or rider of one of these things faced prosecution, and the prosecution depended on the Segway being a “motor vehicle.”

On 15 January 2011 Barnsley Magistrates Court decided a Segway was a motor vehicle, and its rider, Phili Coates, was found guilty of riding a motor vehicle on the pavement. A fine of £75 and costs of £250 were ordered.

The full report including a picture of Mr Coates on his personal transporter is available at BBC News.

The Segway website tells us Segway is the leader in personal, green transportation, transforming the way you work, play and live. They are sold to commuters, for fun and for work. You can whizz around a warehouse or airport, and they are apparently popular for patrolling by police and other public officials. You can also peep over hedges, even if it looks like you are relieving yourself.

Segway machines are most extensively used in North America. They are sold in the United Kingdom by Segway UK, but I could not find any information on the site about tax and insurance.

They look fun, useful, and of course different. It looks like you will pay close to five thousand pounds. You could buy quite a motor scooter for that price, or a small car. Of course Segway will argue the real saving lies in the running cost.

Anyway let’s keep an open mind, and if anyone has one please let us know all about it.


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