Second hand child safety seat


We say if you don’t know its history, please don’t buy or use it.

Trading Standards checks have shown that 60% of second hand car seats had some sort of serious fault that would result in the child not being protected at all in the event of an accident, and some that had the potential to make matters worse.

When down at your local car boot sale or browsing the classified ads in your paper you will come across many examples of second hand child car safety seats for sale. Do not buy them!

Why? You simply do not know the history of that seat. It could have be involved in a crash, dropped, stored incorrectly, tampered with, adjusted wrongly or just be plain out of date. Instructions will have been lost and you’ll have no way of checking if you are fitting it right.

The same goes for seats offered by friends and family, unless you can be very sure. The most common problem is when people try to adjust the height of the integral harness & get it wrong. So risk giving offence, but do not risk your child’s safety.

And just to prove us right on the care you must take the BBC on 26 May 2010 reported:

“Safety checks on more than 100 child car seats in Powys found that nearly all of them had problems with the way they were fitted, according the council.

Out of 115 seats checked in Brecon, Builth Wells, Machynlleth, Newtown and Ystradgynlais, 92 were found to have problems.

Council road safety unit adviser Fran Vickery carried out the survey.

Powys Council said it was disappointed more parents did not take part.

Fifty seven per cent of the seats examined had a minor problem that needed to be rectified, which included tightening the seatbelt, said the council.


It said 12% of the seats had major faults, which included the seatbelt being incorrectly routed, while 6% were unsuitable for the vehicle or the child and should not have been used.

Councillor Geraint Hopkins, who is responsible for road safety, said: “I’m pleased that these checks meant that so many of the faults identified were rectified.

“However, I was disappointed that more parents did not support this wonderful project.”

“We go out of out way to ensure that children are travelling around Powys as safe as possible and it is disheartening that some parents will not allow a few minutes out of their say to look after their child’s safety in the car.”

You do not have to go to Mid Wales to have your child safety car seat checked. Portsmouth had a big event recently, Contact the Road Safety team at your Council and see if they will run a similar event.

Do let us know what you arrange.