Riding someone else’s bike

Paul called today with a knotty problem.

He planned two weeks in Italy by bike. His mechanic made a mess of the preparation for the trip, so very kindly offered his own bike. Paul knew he could rely on his own insurance for third party cover only. He had the sense to ask the mechanic to include him as a named rider on that policy, and £67 was charged for the 10 day trip.

When on those great roads on the Alps the rider in front braked harder and longer than expected, and Paul lost control. Result is that mechanic’s bike needs £2,000 spent on it.

The mechanic’s insurers are saying no to the claim, saying Paul should rely on his own policy. Paul’s own policy is third party only, so is no use, as third party means other people and their property. They have also suggested Paul chase the rider in front for compensation. Chasing the rider in front caused the problem in the first place!

Final problem is that the mechanic is hanging onto Paul’s own bike until the insurance is sorted.

Paul did the right thing by making sure he had full cover when riding a bike lent to him. The insurer is doing what insurers do, they look for reasons why they should not pay.

Ever been in this position – let us have the story, and the result.