Riding in February

Riding motorcycle in snow and ice

This is a warning if you are going to ride at any time, but particularly during February.

The Department of Transport produces a report each year called the Compendium of Motorcycling Statistics. There are lots of facts and figures, telling you how many bikes are taxed each year, engine size, and even the best sellers.

What caught our eye were the accident statistics. Most accidents occur in June, July, and February. When you look at the average miles travelled in each month you will find February is the most dangerous. There are fewer bikes out in February, but more accidents when compared to distance travelled.

So what are the reasons?:

  • Short period of daylight?
  • Poor road conditions?
  • Insulated and warm drivers not paying attention?
  • Cold and uncomfortable riders?

You know the answers, so please let us know and pass on your wisdom.

From the riders we help, not being seen is the usual explanation from the driver at fault. We keep saying it, but here goes again; please be colourful, be bold, but please be seen. Black leather is cool, but it does not help you stand out on the road. There is a lot of good high visibility gear available, so a good New Year resolution this year is to be seen. You might look silly off the bike, but you will be seen on it.

The Report tells us “The distance driven by motorcycles is highly seasonal. Distance driven for the months of April through to September was considerably above the year average while the winter months, especially January, February and March, were significantly lower.”

Then we are told “The highest rate of motorcycle casualties occurred during February and the summer months of June and July.”

Think about it.