Your Key is your accident support service. You were introduced to us by an insurance website which promised you free legal expenses insurance in return for taking a quote. Your Key delivered that legal insurance to you.

Your Key is separate from your vehicle insurance, but necessary because:

* Your vehicle insurance covers your liability to others rather than covering you,
* Buying insurance on price often means limited support for you,
* To protect your no claims bonus you need to be able to fight your corner,
* After an accident you will need independent advice and guidance.

Legal expenses insurance is sold to you every time you insure a vehicle. Well you do not need to buy it any more as the Your Key policy covers any accident, which means any activity, and all your vehicles. We hope you are already making savings when insuring vehicles.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident we can arrange all the services you need, including recovery, hire, repair and an experienced solicitor. Our legal cover includes any accident, your family members, your pillion and passengers. Your legal protection and membership of Your Key costs you nothing. We renew this each year, and all you have to do is make sure we have your current contact details.

How can this be free?

We can provide the legal protection at no cost as when we arrange services after accidents we earn commission. This is the same commission as your insurance company or broker will earn, the difference being we give you the legal protection policy free.

There are a few simple steps should you need to contact Your Key in the event of an accident:

* Keep your card on your key ring*.
* Save our helpline number on phones used by you and your family group – 0330 022 5210 OR 08000 114 114 – as “accident.”
* Your Key deals with accidents not breakdown. Do buy a good breakdown policy, and save that to phones too.
* Make sure we have your current contact details, and to update us please click here.

*If you need a replacement card please email Please provide your membership number and full address.

If you have a question please call 0845 6809834 – calls cost up to 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

0330 numbers are usually cheaper than 0800 numbers when calling from a mobile phone.