Receiving unwanted mail


Details below have been taken fro the website of the Mailing Preference service for your information and help.

Mailing Preference Service supports your right to choose the mail you want.

With UK consumers generating over £25 billion worth of postal sales per year, it’s fair to say the majority welcome the information and special offers they receive by post. However, it’s also understandable why some people might take a different view. The MPS is here to make your choice known – so you get the mail you want and need.

Unwanted, unread Direct Mail has no place in anyone’s home. And if you’re not interested in receiving it, we will update our records for Direct Mail companies to see and adjust their lists as you request.

Many of the people who register their preferences with us have suffered a bereavement, and they simply want to stop future commercial mailings from being sent to the deceased.

As responsible professionals, Direct Mail companies don’t want to upset anyone or waste time sending marketing messages that are not welcome. They respect your choice too. Equally true, they want to be careful not to waste valuable paper and postage. So registering your choice helps them market considerately, ethically and economically.

A Few Facts to Consider before you Decide….

Since 1990, Direct Mail’s popularity has doubled, with more companies and charities staying in touch by post.

For companies, it’s a good way to tell customers and prospects about new products, services and special offers that can save them money.

For charities, it’s an economical way to raise awareness and much needed support.

And for consumers, Direct Mail is a convenient way to shop from home…to take their time and make good decisions without pressure, and to get the products they want and need – often at less than they’d pay in shops.