Pillion riders

Motorcycle_Pillion_and_rider_safety and training

Pillion passenger on board

Like passing your test, taking your first pillion is a ride you’ll never forget.Pillion and rider motorcycle safety

But before we ride off into the sunset it’s a good idea to consider what to expect when carrying a pillion.

The handling and performance of a motorcycle is different when carrying a pillion. The steering may become lighter, it will take longer to slow down or accelerate, and cornering will not be quite as sharp. With this in mind it’s vital to give yourself some extra space and time when riding two-up.

If at all possible it’s a great idea to practice taking a new pillion in an empty car park. It can help you get accustomed to riding with a pillion and allow your pillion to gain confidence more quickly.

Here are some top tips:

  1. Make sure you both have proper riding gear.
  2. Explain which parts of the motorcycle get hot and ensure that loose clothing or luggage will not interfere with the rear wheel, drive chain or belt or other moving parts.
  3. Make sure your motorcycle is equipped with a suitable pillion seat, foot pegs and ideally a suitable backrest.
  4. Don’t allow your pillion to get on until you are on and have both feet on the ground.Motorcycle pillion rider safety and training
  5. Show them where to hold on and where to place their feet.
  6. Pillions should not stand or make sudden moves. Tell them to copy your actions and movements, especially when cornering.
  7. You must ride as smoothly as possible, avoiding abrupt acceleration, harsh gear changes and late and heavy braking.