New 0330 022 5210 number

Your_Key_accident and legal support
We started by using an 0800 number, 08000114114. Thanks to one of our members, Derrick, we realised we should offer an alternative number. Our plan was that calling our number would be free, but an 0800 number is not always the answer, as the cost to you depends on your phone package. Calling from mobiles can be expensive.

The fairest answer is to provide an alternative 0330 number – 0330 022 5210.

Calling an 0330 number costs the same as calling an 01 or 02 land line number. The call should be included within your inclusive package.

Save our number on your mobile as “accident.”

We keep a close eye on your motoring and insurance costs and we hope this change helps you.

Thanks again to Derrick.