YourKey Accident Support

YourKey created a convenient service to bring together everything its members would need after an accident. There was no charge for this service.

The service started in 2007 offering the incentive of free legal expenses insurance. The insurance was dropped as it lacked flexibility, but YourKey continued to offer its members the same support. We have helped out members after accidents and many of you have saved money by not buying legal cover when you insure vehicles.

YourKey service is to end.

The service will wind down from 1 February 2018. After that date you can still seek help after an accident, but on a new telephone number, 0330 223 1207.

Help will be provided by Auto Claims Assist. Make it clear you are a YourKey member and you will be looked after.

Change our number on your phones to 0330 223 1207.

A call to an 0330 number costs the same as a call to a normal home or business landline. If your phone tariff offers inclusive calls to landlines, calls to 0330 numbers will also be included in the same way.

Thanks and good luck to all YourKey members