Lower your premium

Do not buy legal cover when renewing your vehicle insurance

The first way to reduce your insurance premiums is to remember not to buy legal cover on any of your vehicles in the family group we cover, as you can have that cover free with Your Key.

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The following tips may reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance:

  • Having an approved alarm or immobiliser fitted to your motorcycle might help to reduce the premium (With Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire & Theft cover).
  • Park your motorcycle in a locked garage or secure, off-street location overnight (With Comprehensive and Third Party, Fire and Theft cover).
  • If you do less than 3000 miles each year, some insurance companies will offer you a reduced premium.
  • Start building your No Claims Bonus as soon as possible. In the long run, this will have a significant impact on your ability to get cheaper motorcycle insurance.
  • Reduced motorcycle premium with seasonal cover – UK only. So if you don’t use your bike in the winter months you can reduce your premium by only paying for accidental damage and/or fire and theft.
  • Avoid adding modifications to your motorcycle.
  • If your motorcycle is not of a high market value, it may be cost-effective to have Third-Party, Fire and Theft insurance instead of Comprehensive cover.
  • If insuring on a comprehensive policy do not overstate the value – you only get the market value at the time of any damage – but do not undervalue as your policy will not pay out.