London bus lanes and bikes


On the 16 June 2010 the Mayor of London and TfL announced a new Motorcycles in Bus Lanes experimental scheme on the majority of the Capital’s ‘red route’ bus lanes.

The new 18 month scheme has been set up after an independent report into the initial motorcycles in bus lanes trial found that motorcyclists’ journey times improved but increased the risk of collision with cars and vans.

The first trial, which began on 5 January 2008 will finish on 5 July 2010.

The new experimental scheme will aim to improve compliance with speed limits and ensure better road safety awareness for all road users, paying particular attention to motorcycles in bus lanes.Motorcycles in bus lane

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “The chaos that was predicted by some doomsayers has clearly not materialized and, as I suspected would be the case, we have found substantial support for the measure.”

More details and the full report can be seen by clicking here.

All we know is that we have members who have been knocked off their bikes by cars turning across a bus lane, and as ever the driver says he did not see the bike. Headlights on, bold bright colours, eyes looking everywhere, and keeping your speed down. Not great riding but good tips for surviving the 18 months of the next experiment.

After two trials motorcycles in bus lanes has been made permanent from 23 January 2012. You can read the Transport for London view here.