Dealer damaged my bike


We were contacted by a member who took his bike in for service. His story goes like this:

” I took my bike in for its first service and they crashed it. What are my options.”

A very polite question in the circumstances, and our guess was an unlucky road tester, but no explanation was given. Our advice:

“The answer to your question is that the dealer is responsible for making good the bike to its pre-accident condition and value. The dealer is also responsible for reasonable expenses such as an alternative bike while the repairs are made, or the cost of alternative transport. The downside in terms of value is that a repaired bike which has been involved in an accident is likely to be worth less, as a buyer will look at it with a wary eye. The dealer should agree in writing to allow a trade in value which ignores the accodent. A dealer with an eye on its customers ought to make that offer without prompting.”

The repairs are complete and saisfactory, a bike was provided to keep our member on the road, and the service bill has been waived. We are waiting to hear about possible trade in value.

These things happen, and lets hope all dealers do the right thing. Dealers should be up front and honest. We will let you know when we hear about the trade in value point.

Let us know if you have had a similar experience.