Legal expenses insurance


The question to ask is why pay for it?

Often bought when insuring a vehicle, legal expenses insurance can be very helpful. In the event of an accident which is the fault of someone else, you can seek compensation without fear of legal fees. Your legal expenses insurance picks up the tab for you.

The trouble with legal expenses insurance is the way it is sold. It is usually an added extra to vehicle insurance, and its use is often limited to that single vehicle. Many people and families have more than one vehicle.

Your Key has the solution so you do not have to buy these policies. Rather than buying a legal cover policy in case you need it we will arrange the same type of cover only when you need it. If you or a family member are injured in an accident, and we mean any accident, please contact us first. We will arrange legal cover and do it without cost to you.

You might well ask how can the cover be free – click here to find out how Your Key works.

Please do not be confused by terminology. Legal expenses insurance is the proper title, and legal cover or legal protection are often used. This type of insurance cover can be arranged both before or after an accident, so you do not need to buy a policy with each vehicle you insure.