Your Key has changed its insurance

Your Key accident and legal support

The contents of this page only apply up to 30 April 2013.

For the position beyond 1 May 2013 please click here.

At Your Key we aim:

  • To stop you buying over-priced legal cover with each vehicle you insure.
  • To help with compensation actions for all types of accident and injury.
  • To be able to help your family, passengers and pillions.

We have weighed up the pros and cons of legal cover. Our new arrangements allow us to give you broader support, and still at no cost.

The benefits of the original Your Key legal cover were:

  • It offered the same cover as the policies you bought.
  • The Your Key policy was free.
  • The Your Key policy covered any accident.
  • The Your Key policy covered certain family members.
  • Cover was renewed automatically each year.

We were often asked if we covered injuries which had not been caused by an accident, like industrial diseases, and we had to say no. We were also asked if we could help with legal disputes not caused by an accident, and again had to say no. We do not like to say no, so we looked at how we could help even more people and in more situations?

An ideal scheme would do all of these things:

  • Avoid paying for legal cover per vehicle.
  • Provide independent advice after an accident.
  • No cost or obligation access to an experienced solicitor.
  • Protection from legal fees if you have a good case, for any accident and any injury.
  • Cover your family plus passengers and pillions.
  • You receive all of the compensation.

We believe we can provide everything we did with the old policy, plus these extras by moving from a fixed legal expenses policy to a system based on a different type of insurance, called after the event insurance.

After the event insurance is put in place once your case is weighed up and your solicitor decides you have a reasonable chance of success. So how does this compare with legal expenses insurance:

  • You do not pay for this insurance as the premium is paid by the solicitor appointed for you.
  • The protection offered is the same as a legal expenses insurance policy bought before the accident.
  • We can arrange the protection you need without cost to you.
  • We can increase our cover from injuries caused by accidents to any injury, and beyond.
  • We can include your family without restriction

So when we saw the additional benefits we decided to change the insurance arrangements for Your Key members, and at the same time offer a wider range of support.

Our issue with legal expenses insurance is that it is too expensive. Sold as an add-on to vehicle insurance you will be asked to pay about £25 per vehicle, which is too much. We stand by our message not to buy this over-priced legal cover on each vehicle you insure. It only covers you when using the one vehicle so families with a number of vehicles buy a policy on each. Too expensive and the cover is too restricted.

Legal expenses insurance is sold under various names – legal cover, legal protection, or legal insurance. It is a policy you buy just in case you need it. You will use the policy if you have to make a compensation claim after an accident.

Legal expenses insurance is a policy which picks up your legal bill if your case does not succeed. That is good news, but you must appreciate to get your legal action underway the legal expenses insurer must be satisfied your case has a reasonable chance of success. Just because you have this insurance does not mean you can bring a compensation case, the insurer has to be satisfied the case looks good, and legal costs will be recovered from the other side if your case succeeds.

The benefit of the policy is that once the case is approved you can push ahead, and not worry about having to pay legal costs. But please be aware you not have a free hand to run your case to Court as the insurer must receive progress reports and can review its commitment to the case. If new evidence crops up, or if you receive an offer, the insurer usually has to be consulted to see if it will continue to support the fight.

So legal expenses insurance is valuable, but we can arrange the same cover, keep it free, and offer broader cover.

When we saw the additional benefits we decided to change the insurance arrangements for Your Key members, and at the same time offer a wider range of support.

We will line you up with a solicitor who will conduct the case under a conditional fee agreement. These agreements are sometimes called no win no fee. We like the idea of the solicitor “buying into” the case, as no payment if you lose is a good incentive to get it right. Some critics say only straightforward cases are run under these agreements, but with the right solicitor this is not the case, and the legal cover for you with after the event insurance is the same as with legal expenses insurance arranged before the event. This is probably the most important part of the discussion, particularly for motorcyclists, as it is experienced advice is what will make the real difference.

So what do you think? Rather than offer you a free like for like policy, we can produce exactly the same result by a different route, and offer broader cover and support to Your Key members and their families?

That looks like a result to us, and we hope you agree.