Legal cover at a price

Legal cover can be expensive and unnecessary

You know when you are buying insurance, you are  always sold legal protection or legal cover. It adds up to £25 to the policy, and most people buy it with each vehicle they insure. You are not really sure what it is, but it sounds like a good idea. It is sold on every policy you buy, and it adds up.

Your Key offers an alternative so you do not have to buy this legal cover.

So where is the catch? There is no catch, and you pay nothing.

Legal cover is only necessary if you need to bring a compensation claim. We will arrange the legal cover if and when you need it, and you pay nothing. 

We can arrange cover for you, family members, passengers and pillions. We can also arrange cover for any accident or injury, so you are not limited to accidents when using your vehicles. A detailed explanation is available by clicking here.

You do not need to buy legal protection again.


Please note that comments below dated before 2012 and which refer to legal cover arrangements are now out of date. Please click here for an explanation.