Your Key Explained


What exactly is Your Key?

Your Key is a free after-accident  support club for you and your family. There is no charge for membership. Your Key arranges the services you will need after an accident, and arranges for you to recover compensation for injury and loss when someone else is to blame. Our help is for any accident, is not limited to just one vehicle, and includes your family, plus pillion riders and passengers.

Where did we come from?

Your Key was developed to answer the needs of those unfortunate enough to be involved in accidents. After an accident there are services  you need, but where do you start, and which do you trust? Your Key gives the answers.We also campaign against the sale and price of legal cover sold to you each time you insure a vehicle. For many cases legal cover is simply not necessary, but if it is it will be put in place without charge.

After-accident 24/7 help line

As a member make your first call after any accident to 08000 114 114 or 0330 022 5210. Our friendly trained operators will then guide you and provide access to our services. Our 0330 number should be cheaper if you use a mobile as it is charged as a landline call.

Membership cards

We will send you on request key ring cards so our help line number is close at hand. With or without a card make sure our number is saved to all phones used by your family group as “accident” – 08000 114 114. If you would like a card for your key ring please click here.

Services available:

  • Recovery  of a vehicle after an accident.
  • Replacement by hire while your vehicle is repaired.
  • Repair can be quickly arranged by our operators.

Please read the SMALL PRINT below.

Legal help is at hand as we will arrange for an experienced solicitor  to act for you and recover compensation.

Legal cover explained

Accident legal cover is designed to allow you to pursue a case for compensation. If you win the case your legal fees are paid by the other side, but if you lose the legal cover policy picks up the tab.

Legal cover can be put in place before or after you start an accident compensation case. The policies provide the same protection. At the moment insurance companies and brokers are charging too much for legal cover. They are also selling a policy with each vehicle you insure, when it is you who needs legal cover, not your vehicle. Our preferred option is to arrange that cover only if you need it. The solicitor we put you in touch with will arrange legal cover if necessary and cover the cost without charge to you.

Why did Your Key change the insurance it offered?

We used to provide a free legal expenses insurance policy for our members. We became frustrated by its inflexibility so found a way of providing the same cover, and still at no cost to you.. For a detailed explanation please click here.



After an accident vehicle recovery, vehicle replacement, and vehicle repair can only be arranged without cost when there is someone else to blame for the accident. The person to blame must have insurance in place to cover these costs direct.

When talking about legal cover we mean legal expenses insurance for cases involving accidents or industrial disease. Policies sold alongside motor insurance are usually limited to the use of that one vehicle, so you will be sold a policy with each vehicle you insure. You can buy a broader type of legal expenses insurance to cover legal issues beyond compensation for injury or industrial disease. When telling you not to buy legal cover when you insure your vehicles we are talking about the legal expenses insurance sold with motor premium insurance, not this broader type of legal expenses insurance policy.

The support of your legal expenses insurer always depends on two things:
• Your case must have a reasonable chance of success.
• It must be possible to recover legal fees from the other side, which excludes cases where the injury is worth less than £1,000 or there is no injury and the case value is below the limit set for “small claims” in your legal jurisdiction (£10,000 in England & Wales and £3,000 in Scotland and Northern Ireland).

These restrictions are typical of legal expenses insurance policies, whether arranged before or after a legal action is necessary. These policies are intended to pay up if your legal case goes wrong, and they are not intended to pay legal fees in every case. This means legal expenses insurance will not cover a compensation case where the injury has a value below £1,000, or if there is no injury and the value of the case does not exceed the small claims limit. We say this is typical as we have not seen a policy which works in any other way.


Please note that any comments below made before 2012 referring to Your Key legal cover are now out of date. Please carefully note “Legal cover explained” section above to understand the legal cover Your Key can arrange.