Is windscreen repair covered by your comprehensive insurance policy?


Is your windscreen repair covered by your comprehensive insurance?

Not if you insure with Tesco Value insurance.

I had my car insured with Tesco Bank for three years. I had a fully comprehensive policy called Tesco Value insurance.

When I noticed a crack in my windscreen I called Tesco and was passed through to Autoglass. An appointment was arranged to replace the windscreen, and then Autoglass called to say my Tesco Value insurance policy did not include windscreen repair.

Like we all do I assumed a windscreen would be covered particularly as it is listed in the insurance excess section at £0 along with all the other excess figures. Autoglass told me Tesco Value Insurance does not include windscreens.

Tesco Value insurance is not cheap, and I will tell you about that elsewhere.

I called Tesco and was told my Tesco value insurance policy did not include windscreens. I pointed out the entry in the list of excess payments. I asked where I could see the up to date policy document. It won’t help I was told as you will not find a statement that your windscreen is covered. Insurance policies include a list of exclusions, but this differs from a list of what you might expect to be covered but which is not. I do not accept what I have been told is correct so I will have the repair done and work up the energy to have a squabble with Tesco.

When you have a cracked windscreen you need a replacement quickly. I am glad I rang around and found National Windscreens who will do the job at less than half the figure quoted by Autoglass.

So what has an old hand at the insurance game like me been reminded of:
• Fully comprehensive means damn all.
• Do not assume anything.
• Fully comprehensive means it is more than third party, but the extent of cover depends on what is included in the insurance policy.
• Reading the insurance policy may not bring you clarity.
• There is no list in these policies of what is not included.

This situation exists as there is intense price competition for new insurance business. To keep the quote competitive the insurers shave the policy to a minimum level of cover. That is how they satisfy our need for a cheap premium, so why should we be surprised the insurance cover is not truly comprehensive?