Has your insurer recovered your uninsured loss?

Has your insurer recovered your uninsured loss?

We ask this question as most people contact their own insurer first after an accident. If you have comprehensive insurance your call sets the insurer in motion. You may not realise it but you have made a claim. Your own insurer will deal with the vehicle damage, and you will have to pay your insurance excess before the repair is completed.
You have paid the excess, made a mess of your claims record, and you have other expenses – uninsured losses.

You should only have followed this course if there was no one else to blame for the damage to your vehicle. Once you make a claim the process is followed without question of fault. If it turns out someone is to blame it is highly likely your insurer will recover its expense from that person’s insurer, but they will not recover your uninsured loss. This is exactly why we keep telling you to contact YourKey first, as we make sure the insurer of the driver to blame pays direct without you claiming on your policy.

There must be an insurer out there which supports its customers? If you have been involved in an accident caused by another driver; and you claimed from your own insurer; and your insurer recovered your uninsured losses, please let us know.

We know of instances when someone has been with an insurer for years, and the insurer was persuaded to help, but how many of you have been with the same insurer for two years, let alone ten years? They know you are going to move on next year chasing a cheaper premium, so why should they put themselves out.

Your insurer is not obliged to recover your uninsured loss, but it recovers its own expenditure. So why not recover yours at the same time?

The behaviour of the insurers cannot be criticised. You must be insured for the damage you cause through your fault – third party cover. You can then choose other levels of insurance, the best known being comprehensive insurance. That covers your vehicle regardless of who caused the damage, and the insurer will pay up to the market value of your vehicle less your excess. That is it, they are your insurer, and not your representative.