Insure a vehicle – your quote – and then the extras


You get an insurance quote, but when you try to buy the policy you are offered a list of extras.

The trouble with insurance is that we are all forced to buy on price. We think every policy and insurance is the same, so we want the cheapest. Remember that the basic insurance you buy is designed to cover your liability to others, third parties, and not necessarily protect you. Some of the extras are useful, but they quickly increase the cost.

One way to save is not to buy legal expenses insurance, or legal cover, or legal protection as it is called. You can have it without cost using the Your Key accident support service. Just use the Join Us button at the top of the page, fill in a few details, and the accident support you need is yours free.your key accident support and legal advice

Our business model is based on us being your first call after an accident. We can arrange the services you need, like hire and repair, and for that we can earn commission. These commissions are usually picked up by insurance companies and brokers, but of course they charge you for legal cover. This commission allows us to offer our service free.

We can arrange cover for you for any accident – and that means any vehicle or activity. We include pillion, passengers, and your family members too.

That is a good deal, and a good way to keep down your insurance premium on every vehicle policy you arrange.

Make sure Your Key is your first call for help and we will be able to keep that legal cover free.