£s saving and support

Legal cover free with Your Key

When you are arranging insurance on your vehicles you are always sold legal protection, and it costs up to £25. Your Key gives you the option to say no thanks as we will arrange this cover as and when you need it.

Your Key earns commissions available to whoever arranges the services you need after an accident. Your insurer or broker will usually receive those commissions. We think it fairer to save you the cost of legal cover each time you insure a vehicle. This insurance is over-priced and you need one policy per vehicle. We arrange it when you need it, and do this without cost to you.

Our approach means we can arrange cover for your family, plus passengers and pillions. We do not limit cover to use of your vehicle or road accidents. We can help with any accident or injury. Our approach is designed to give you broad flexible help, rather than sell you an over-priced policy.

All this plus help and advice if you call us.your key accident support and compensation

So both saving and support with Your Key!

Not bad is it?

Tell us how much you have been quoted for legal protection as the price keeps rising.

Please note that any comments below made before 2012 referring to Your Key legal cover are now out of date. Please carefully note “Legal cover explained” section above to understand the legal cover Your Key arranges.