How Your Key works for you

your key accident support and compensation

How does Your Key work for you?

You have to buy insurance on your bike or car to cover your liability to others. So when you say you are covered, it means you are covered against the claims of others. If someone else is to blame for an accident then you need independent help to fight your corner, and it is here that Your Key steps in to help.

First we check if you need help to recover a vehicle, or arrange for replacement or repair. Then we arrange for an experienced solicitor to fight for compensation for any injury and the inevitable loss and expense.

We will independently guide you through what can be a maze.

If there is someone to blame, you can be reimbursed for the cost of recovery. Hire and repair will be paid direct by insurance company of the person at fault. You will not have to worry about legal fees, as Your Key will arrange legal cover to protect you from legal fees.

If you are at fault we will advise you. We can arrange the services you need, but you or your insurance company will have to foot the bill.

So how can we do this?

Your Key earns commission if we arrange services for you. These are the same commissions taken by your insurance company or broker, but we do not charge you for the privilege. If legal cover is necessary the solicitor acting for you will put that cover in place without charge to you. You will receive 100 per cent of the compensation.

This is why Your Key is your first call after any accident. Save 0800 0 114 114 or 0330 022 5210 on your phone and those used by your family, as our service includes your family too.

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Please note that comments below dated before 2012 which refer to legal cover arrangements are now out of date. Please click here for an explanation.