How Your Key can help

Your_Key_accident and legal support

Your Key is an accident support service for its members. Members are recognising the need for independent advice and are turning to us for help on insurance and motoring issues. You will find we are pleased to help.

We have dealt with many calls after accidents. We have arranged recovery, hire and repair of bikes, cars, vans, and other vehicles. When our member has been injured we have arranged for an experienced solicitor to work under the legal expenses policy which is part of the Your Key protection.

We can do all this if the accident is the fault of another insured road user.

We have advised and taken up cases where the driver at fault is not insured. There are options available through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Even if our member has nobody to blame for an accident we can still give independent advice. We can also arrange services, but of course you or your insurer have to pay. We will always be competitive on price, and allow you choice as to who does the work. This contrasts with your own insurer who will rarely allow your own dealer to carry out the repair. Sometimes choice is just as important as price, and understanding how insurance works will often show you the best way to deal with any problem.

Our main aim is to help after accidents, but our role is becoming much wider.

Your Key should be your first call after an accident – 0800 0114 114 or 0330 022 5210.