Green Flag breakdown cover renewal


Renewal may not mean best deal

My breakdown cover with Green Flag was up for renewal, and despite two years free of claims, the premium increased.

I went to Green Flag on the web, and I am sure I asked for a quote on the same terms as the previous policy.

Renewal cost of £103.88, an online quote from the same company of £67.84. The difference is £36.04.

The online quote is about 63 per cent of the renewal I was offered. The renewal apparently offered a discount as I have not required any help for two years. Not as good as the discount offered to new customers online.

I cannot say this experience is typical. There is much research which tells banks and insurance companies that customers are lazy and will often renew automatically. I suggest you spend five minutes online just to make sure you are not being taken for a ride.

The message is quite simple. So many businesses give their loyal customers a bad deal, and the amount you pay over the odds is used to subsidise offers to new customers. It is the same with banks, power companies, and insurers.

Can anyone give me the name of a business which genuinely rewards its customers for sticking with them?

Here’s an alternative with an intersting approach for you –