Get the Web App from Your Key

Your Key download accident call web app 2

Our App is called Accident Call and s designed to help you at the scene of an accident.

Accident Call includes advice on your obligations at the scene, the evidence you should gather, and the all important contact details to make your call to Your Key. Get it on your phone or tablet now.

Your Key download accident call web app 2



Your Key QR code 2 2012102993658 




This is a Web App so you will need to save a shortcut to your homescreen. 

For iPhone / iPad you can download the app by tapping the button to Add to Home Screen – it looks like a rectangle box with an arrow popping out of it.

On Android
> Press Menu and then Add Bookmark 
> Press Menu, Bookmarks and “Add Shortcut to Home”

On Windows Phone 
Press Menu (the three dots …) and then “pin to start”

On a Blackberry (Touch is best)

Press menu key and “Add to Home screen”


Please let us know what you think of the Accident Call Web App.