First call after an accident – Your Key

Why you should contact Your Key first after an accident?

Most people involved in accident turn first to their insurance company or broker. We ask is this the right thing to do?

First and foremost you need independent expert advice. Your insurance company is there to cover your liability to others (third parties), but it is not an adviser, and it is not your representative.

You might have bought extra cover such as fire and theft, or fully comprehensive to include your vehicle. Fire and theft means what it says, but fully comprehensive is not so

Your Key accident and legal support

clear. Fully comprehensive means the property insured will be covered by the policy regardless of who is to blame for the damage.

If the accident is not your fault it is not a good idea to claim on your own insurance policy. It is much better to claim from the person who caused the accident. We say this because if your insurance company pays out you will have to pay your excess, and your insurance record will be blemished and your premium will increase. It makes no difference if someone else was at fault, as your insurance record is based on claims, not fault.

Your insurance company will not necessarily try to recover the cost from the person at fault. Some do and some don’t. Like we say above your own insurance company is not your representative.

It is confusing, and that is why Your Key is here to help.

You should tell your insurance company about an accident, but do contact us first, and if we can help we will contact your insurance company and make the report for you. If the incident is one for your insurance company to deal with we will tell you.

Look after your insurance record and your pocket and contact Your Key first.