Fire engine hit my daughter’s car

Fire engine and car accident

Steve’s query – My daughter was involved in a collision with a fire engine in October 2008. The station commander on watch that day came out to visit my daughter at her place of work.

Apparently they have to do this because they are a public service. However since then after interviewing the driver they are not admitting liability and we are fighting to have the car fixed. As my daughter is in her first year of driving her excess is £400, which is a lot of money for a student to find.

I’m currently chasing them through QBE insurance but this is slow going. Have you any advise or could you help me find a solution to this problem.

The problem Steve faced was that the insurer was not dealing with the problem quickly. The car was roadworthy, so no extra cost was being created up by their delay. We told Steve to obtain two repair quotes, we told him how to approach the insurer in writing setting time limits and threatening to hire a car while the repairs were carried out.

Result – After speaking to you regarding a motoring issue involving my daughter,QBE insurance have agreed to repair the car but have not admitted liability. Nevertheless we have a result. Thanks. Steve

Liability is not ever admitted in such cases. That is not a problem, but persuading the insurer to act is the issue, and we have a result here.

Always contact Your Key first after an accident. If your problem falls outside what we can do you may be able to help yourself. Be business like, use letters rather than contacting call centres, and do not be fobbed off.

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