Fight against drivers without insurance


Driving without insurance

Driving in the UK without motor insurance is illegal, but thousands of drivers ignore the law.

Everyone who pays for insurance is subsidising these drivers, as part of the premium funds the Motor Insurers Bureau. The MIB pays for compensation claims against drivers who had no insurance when involved in an accident, or for drivers who caused an accident but left the scene and were not traced.

Recent technology combined with harsher punishments, may make such motorists think twice before they take to the road uninsured again though.

The technology in question is known as “Automatic Number Plate Recognition” or “ANPR”. Such systems can be used by CCTV cameras, mobile police cameras or “in car” police cameras to quickly “read” a vehicles registration plate. Traffic police across the UK have been using ANPR to quickly identify whether a vehicle has motor insurance, and if not, to ensure the appropriate measures are taken.

As many of the vehicles seized are “unsafe” and therefore a hazard to other motorists, the most appropriate measure has been to have them crushed.

The Association of British Insures (ABI) has revealed that over the past year 100,000 vehicles not possessing any motor insurance have been seized, of which around 45,000 have been crushed.

“These figures show that the determination of the insurance industry and the police to drive them from our roads is beginning to bear fruit. However we need to ensure that the penalties they face reflect the seriousness of this crime,” said Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance and Health at the ABI.

The seizure rate of 100,000 is up by 22,000 from 2006 and this is largely a result of ANPR systems.

“The fight against uninsured drivers has now stepped up a gear, and we expect vehicle seizure numbers to increase over the coming months,” added Ashton West, Group Chief Executive of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Question – we must display a tax disc on the windscreen, but not an insurance certificate. There must be a good reason so please let us know.