Family awarded car accident compensation after mother’s road death


Family awarded car accident compensation after mother’s road death – Road Traffic Act

May 25, 2010

We picked this from many articles on the web which talk about the level of compensation awarded when a death has been caused by fault.

A family have been awarded £625,000 car accident compensation following the death of a mother.

Sasha Roberts was killed when she was hit by an articulated lorry on the M2 motorway in 2006. Her son, Lio, who was just four-years-old at the time, was left with brain damage and life-threatening injuries.

It was later found that the Belgian driver of the lorry had been driving dangerously at the time, and he was sentenced to 30 months in prison. He and his employers that will face paying the compensation award to Ms Roberts’ husband Dr Martin Spinelli.

Despite the payout; £27,000 of which is to be set aside for Lio’s future, Dr Spinelli expressed his disappointment at what had been awarded.

He said: “Every day of our lives is marked by the crash. Some might argue that this amount is only meant to be a token, only meant to be symbolic. To which I respond: even, and especially as a symbol, it is woefully inadequate.”

It’s believed that Ms Roberts had released three acclaimed scholarly books, with another two due for publication.

Dr Spinelli added: “The total settlement of £625,000 includes only a fraction of what Sasha would have contributed to the family financially.

“We have forgiven the (lorry driver), but we cannot forgive the broken legal system that neither protects nor serves as well as it promises.”

What this report tells you is that quite a lot of money was received in compensation, but it is only money after all.

The bulk of this money would have been paid because this lady was successful, and would have produced significant earnings in the future. The family were compensated for loss of that income. Had she not been working, or had been in low paid employment, then the award for that part of the case would have been much lower.

So what does the law award for the death itself, the bereavement? The answer is remarkably little because our law is based on financial loss rather than emotional loss. The bereavement award for a death before 1 January 2008 was £10,000, and since that date £11,800. This cannot be enough, but it is typical of our legal system which is based on financial rather than human loss. For more information from a personal injury solicitor Mark Thompson Law please click here.