Family Accident

Bringing a family perspective on safety, accidents, insurance and budgets.
Your Key has been providing free legal cover to its members and their families and we are here to shout that message, and share that saving and benefit. Legal cover is sold to you as an expensive extra when you insure any vehicle – around £25 a time. Many families have two or more vehicles so free legal cover can make an insurance saving.
The Your Key free legal cover is for any accident, so any activity and vehicle. It is you who needs legal cover, not a vehicle!
Our policy is not just or a year as we renew automatically each year.
Legal cover is free as we earn commission if we help you after an accident caused by someone else. If your insurance company or broker helps you they will receive commission on top of the premium you have already paid. We are satisfied with the commission, and the legal cover is yours free.
Our policy covers you, your spouse or your common law partner, plus children under 21 who live at home. If anyone falls outside this family group they should take out there own Your Key membership.
Legal cover is designed to allow you to seek compensation after an accident for which someone else is to blame. The legal cover picks up the legal bill if your case goes wrong. A personal injury solicitor will be arranged and you do not have to worry about the cost.