Do you need to get in to the savings habit?


Finance, budgeting and saving are not the most exciting topics. If you feel in the mood to think it through but need an easy guide then has already done the hard work for you. With a baby on the way it is time to think hard, but you do not need a baby to start getting finances straight.

Ten tips are offered to help you get into the savings habit:

1. Pay yourself first.

2. Keep track of your spending habits – you know what they are.

3. Find a good deal – or are you justifying spending?

4. Motivate yourself with a goal.

5. Start a loose change jar.

6. Put away surprises.

7. Pay off your debt – do it right now!

8. Pretend you’re still paying off a loan – are you sure you haven’t got one already?

9. Open a savings account you can’t touch.

10. Make saving a challenge – not too hard.

We may not be taking all tips as seriously as we should, but do visit the site as it is a very useful read. It may set you off along the savings road.

Good luck.