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Consumer_Direct_family accident consumer advice

From 1 April 2011 the Consumer Direct website will close and automatically re-direct to consumer advice pages on Directgov. This change is part of the Government’s commitment to make all public service information available in one place. If you want to access online consumer advice, please use

Consumer_Direct_family accident consumer advice

The Directgov site is still a very useful site for consumer advice and consumer law, but losses some of the campaigning approach. I will miss the approach of the Consumer Direct site, but the information on the new site is still good. The trouble with consumer law is that the law appears clear until it is put into practice. The consumer makes a choice and pays for a product or service. If the product or service is not up to scratch it is for the consumer to complain and ultimately take legal action if the supplier plays hard ball.

Sometimes it is effective to use the media, the consumer clinics of the national newspapers being very useful as the power of publicity often embarrasses a supplier. Some good examples are:

The Daily Record

The Guardian

Daily Mirror

Daily Mail

The Telegraph

Beyond the newspapers are many other consumer advice websites. Let us have links to the advice which has been a great help to you.

Good luck out there.