Christine’s uninsured loss

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Christine was driving to catch a ferry to France when an accident happened. Thankfully there was no injury.

The accident was caused by another driver who drove into the back of Christine’s car.

Christine did what many of us do automatically, she called her own insurance company.

She had comprehensive insurance, so her vehicle was recovered and taken off for repair. Her policy did not include a replacement vehicle so she borrowed a friend’s car, paid for insurance, and after a night in a hotel set off for the ferry again.

Calling her insurance company first meant:

1. Car repaired.

2. Christine paid her insurance excess of £600.

3. Christine paid for a hotel.

4. Christine would like to pay the friend for the miles put on his car.

5. Her insurance record is now worse as payment is what counts, not fault.

Christine is out of pocket by claiming from her own insurer.


So what would have been the result had she called Your Key first?:

1. Damaged car recovered and repaired with the bill paid by the insurer of the driver at fault.

2. Replacement vehicle.

3. Hopefully caught the ferry.

4. Insurance record preserved.

Not out of pocket would have been the result if Your Key had been the first call after the accident.

Your Key would have achieved this as the bills are presented to the insurance company of the driver at fault, not your own insurer. One exception is the recovery cost which Christine would have paid on a credit card, and the expense would have been recovered from the insurer of the driver at fault.

Through contacting her own insurer first Christine was left with what is called an uninsured loss.

Is it easy to recover uninsured losses? Not always is the answer – to learn more about uninsured loss please click here.

The lesson – call Your Key first after an accident – 0800 0114114.