Caravan Club legal protection

Caravan_Club legal protection

I was asked a good question today by a member. He does not buy legal cover when insuring motorcycles and cars, as that cover is free with Your Key.

He has bought a caravan, and been offered legal cover as part of his membership with the caravan club.

Not all legal cover is the same, as it depends what legal areas are covered. Your Key will arrange cover for the legal costs of a compensation case after an accident or injury. It supports a compensation case with a reasonable chance of success, and picks up the legal bill if your case does not succeed.

The policy described is typical of the policies offered in addition to motor policies.

Legal expenses insurance can be broader, and you might be offered a broader policy when you insure a house, open a bank account, or join the Caravan Club.

The website of the Caravan Club offers Caravanner’s Legal Protection as an optional extra to their caravan insurance and it:

… you the power to protect your legal rights. If your caravan is involved in an accident that is not your fault, you have a legal right to claim back your losses from the person who caused the accident.

With Caravanners’ Legal Protection, claims handlers will try to recover any losses for which you do not have sufficient insurance protection. If they agree that you need to take legal action, they will find and pay for a lawyer to represent you, if necessary.

Your Key will arrange cover for your family for any accident, so the answer to the question is there is no need to buy this extra cover.