Christine’s car accident.

Read Christine's story to discover why you should phone YourKey after an accident instead of your insurer.

What happened?

Christine was driving to catch a ferry to France when another driver went into the back of Christine’s car. The accident wasn’t her fault. Thankfully there was no injury.

If you were Christine, what would you do?

Phone your insurance company


But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most people in Christine’s position would phone their insurance company first after the accident.

Phone YourKey


By phoning YourKey first, you could avoid Christine’s uninsured losses and come out on top. We’d make sure you don’t lose out.

Christine did what most people do after a car accident – she called her own insurance company. She had comprehensive insurance, so her insurance company recovered the vehicle and arranged to repair it. Her policy did not include a replacement vehicle so she borrowed a friend’s car and paid for insurance. After a night in a hotel, she set off for the ferry again.

What was wrong with Christine’s decision?

Christine’s decision left her hundreds of pounds out of pocket. This could have been avoided if she had called YourKey first.

This is what happened because Christine phoned her insurer first:

  1. Car repaired
  2. Christine paid her insurance excess of £600
  3. Christine paid for a hotel
  4. Christine would like to pay the friend for the miles put on his car
  5. Her insurance record is now worse as payment is what counts, not fault

Like most people, Christine didn’t understand how the insurance industry works. This left her with what are called ‘uninsured losses’, so she was needlessly out of pocket – even though the accident wasn’t her fault!

This is what could have happened if Christine had phoned YourKey first:

  1. Damaged car recovered and repaired with the bill paid by the insurer of the driver at fault
  2. Replacement vehicle paid for by the insurer of the driver at fault
  3. Expenses paid for by the driver at fault
  4. Hopefully Christine caught the ferry in time
  5. Insurance record and No Claims Bonus preserved

By phoning YourKey first, we would have handled Christine’s claim for free and made sure she wasn’t left out of pocket. We would have advised her on what to do and acted in her best interests.

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