Extend your warranty

Extend your warranty with care
We are not convinced you should be buying an extended warranty for the first two years of a product’s life. We also think you should not be fobbed off on the basis of 12 month warranty. The reason is that consumer goods purchased in the European Community have a two year warranty period by law anyway. Have you ever been told that by a store?

Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 May 1999 was designed to ensure a common standard, and demands that consumer goods are fault free for a period of two years. The seller of the goods is liable to you and cannot make the excuse that someone else in the production chain is to blame.

If you are offered a 12 month only warranty your rights under the Directive are not shortened. Bearing in mind the Directive is more than ten years old, why are you still being offred a only 12 months. Is it an attempt to hide your legal entitlement, or are most sellers just off the pace?

You will find the customer service departments of most companies know about the Directive, but you have to point it out. Let us know about your experiences of your success in using the Directive.