Brake road safety campaigning charity

Brake road safety campaign charity support for family accidents

Road safety charity plus victim support

Brake is a road safety charity. Brake campaigns for road safety and works to support victims. Stopping the carnage, supporting the victims is its stark message.

Like so many charities Brake was born from an awful experience, the aim being to help others in the same position. Brake tells us:

“Brake is a charity and we exist for a simple reason – because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash. We believe that the misery of road deaths and injuries, and the pollution of our planet by vehicles, is a shameful epidemic that must end. With your help, Brake in the UK campaigns to stop the carnage and also supports the victims.”

Like all charities Brake depends on our generosity to continue its work.

One aspect of Brake’s work is the training they run on safe driving. They will run a course for company drivers, and they like to concentrate on young drivers.

Brake touches the needs of families after accidents as it offers a support service.

You can join Brake and get involved with their important work by clicking here. If you would like to fund raise there are many opportunities to jump out of planes, abseil, and a whole host of activities.