Bad driving habits – blame mum and dad

Angry and aggressive drivers may influence their children

The bad behaviour of some young drivers can be attributed, at least in part, to the driving style of their parents, research from AXA suggests.

Drivers aged 18-30 are three times more likely to have points on their licence or a ban if their parents have points or a ban.

Younger drivers who have seen their parents drink driving are seven times more likely to drink and drive. The research says 28% of those with parents who drink drive follow the example of their parents.

Aggressive behaviour, such as flashing, hammering the horn or swearing, is 50% more likely amongst the children of those who behave aggressively.

Robin Reames, chief claims officer at AXA car insurance, said that although a heavy parental influence seems obvious many would be shocked to see the impact their bad habits were having on their children.

“And the danger is that those habits and behaviours, while never acceptable, can prove more dangerous among young and inexperienced drivers. I’m sure most parents would hate to think that the lessons they are teaching their children while they sit in the back of the car could end up in behaviour on the road that leads to a tragic road accident.”

Young drivers are often demonised as driving poorly, but in August 2011 almost than nine out of 10 with The Co-operative’s Young Driver insurance found themselves financially rewarded for driving safely.