118 118


Directory enquiries can be surprisingly expensive. 118 118 may have amusing adverts on the television but what does it cost. Their website tells us:

“Calls to 118 118 cost 42p per minute, charged by the second, with a one off £1.29 charge from most landlines This is how BT charges, but there are exceptions such as Virgin Media which charges landline calls by the minute instead.

If you are using a mobile phone to call 118 118, you will find that the charges will be different, and often cost more.

This is because each mobile operator (and some smaller landline operators) apply an additional handling charge to some elements of the call which will change what you pay.”

Assuming the call lasts 30 seconds you pay £1.50 for a phone number. Of course you may pay more if you call from a mobile phone. Full details are available on the 118 118 website.

There are alternatives.

Try 118 226 which allows two enquiries for a charge of £0.33 and it does not matter how long the call takes. Not sure about the cost from a mobile, but it has got to be cheaper than 118 118.

118 390 allows one enquiry only at £0.39, and then there is 118 848 which charges £0.40 for up to three numbers.

Knowing the cost upfront is much more attractive, particularly when the alternatives are cheaper.

I am not sure if 118 118 is the most expensive, but tell me if a directory enquiries service out there is asking for more.

The cheapest way is to use the web, and most mobiles have the facility these days. Use http://www.thephonebook.bt.com which is free and requires no registration. The page for residential numbers is at http://www.thephonebook.bt.com/publisha.content/en/search/residential/advanced.publisha

There are some great tips on the Money Saving Expert site at http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/phones/directory-enquiries-free

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